Friday, January 18, 2008

A girl after my own heart...

This girl’s blog was on Craftzine today: She crochets stuff out of plastic bags! I love the can koosies! J This is definitely on my to-do list…I just need to bring home the monstrous stash of old plastic bags in my desk at work, since I’ve mostly rid our house of the evil little beasts… I think it would be awesome to have a set of reusable shopping bags crocheted from plastic bags.

In my own little crocheting world, I finally made something that was not a scarf. For my first non-scarf, I made a striped hat with earflaps. Then I made another scarf… it matched the hat, so it was appropriate…although I might unravel it and make something else… Then the DH actually requested that I make him something (a beanie). Usually he just kinda looks at my latest project, rolling his mind’s eye like he’s pondering how he married such a nerd… Don’t pretend, honey – I can tell! ;) But I spend my snowy Wednesday evening whipping up a lovely brown and cream-striped number for him, guessing on the size (and coming up with the right one!)… Next up: mittens to match my non-scarf hat (and matching scarf).