Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ugh...It's (logically) Monday...

I’m fully aware of the actual day of the week, but it sure feels like a Monday. :P  It was a decently long weekend – very productive in the Wardrobe Refashion and social life/fun departments.  I finally got my serger back up and running – it’s a funny thing to be so intimidated by such a small machine, but it’s scary!  It has knives attached to it!  J  But it’s working now, and I have new PJs…  I also finished up a brown plaid scoop-necked top and put together a paisley-polka dot blouse and a second scoop-necked top in cozy flannel.  As for going out, I’ve seen 3 movies since Thursday, and we went to a birthday party for one of the Divas.  First, the movies:

Thursday night, I treated myself to Billy the Kid, a documentary about this kid named Billy (appropriate title, don’t you think?) who was a little bit “different”.  While fairly intelligent, he had some behavioral issues that held him back in life, destined to remain an outsider in his community.   It was hard to watch at times, because you just felt so bad for the poor guy – every awkward attempt at dating, every social misstep…while I certainly don’t consider myself to be this socially-stunted, watching Billy was like seeing every personal insecurity magnified on screen. 

Friday night, the DH and I decided to see The Orphanage instead of fighting the crowds in line for Cloverfield.  The Orphanage is a Spanish horror film (in subtitles) done by the same folks that brought us Pan’s Labyrinth.  It was excellent – it was frightening and suspenseful in a way that American films can not do justice.  Go see it – NOW!   But if you do, please remember to turn off your cell phone, do not answer it during the movie, do not complain about the subtitles (if you go into a movie not realizing that it is in another language, that’s your own d@mn fault), and do not sit right next to a complete stranger and then proceed to hang your arm over the shared armrest and hit this complete stranger repeatedly throughout the film.  That’s just rude. 

Last night, I braved the icky rush hour traffic to see The Savages.  This film centered on John and Wendy Savage, two self-involved adults living in New York state, completely wrapped up in their own insignificant lives.  They receive a phone call that their estranged and aging father needs them – he has no place to live and has developed Parkinson’s disease.  For the holiday season, John and Wendy must put their own issues on the back burner and attend to their ailing parent.  It was a touching film, but omg – I’m not looking forward to this stage of life.  Second depressing film of the weekend – check!

Saturday night, after dining at the Omaha-famous King Fong Chinese restaurant with my in-laws, the DH and I trekked out to the Roxbury to celebrate the B-day of Diva Maurine and see our friend Jay’s band (a.symbiot) and our friend Ed’s band (DiFi).  It was an…interesting show – the first 2/3s of the evening was spent listening to rap/hip-hop, first by some guys I’d never heard of and then by DJ Sid of the Slipknot – it was his birthday as well, and he was supposed to be the focus of the evening.  While quite talented, he and the other hip-hop grounds more than filled their allotted time on stage, leaving almost no time for DiFi and a.symbiot.  DiFi’s set was severely abbreviated, and a.symbiot ran well past the 1 a.m. cutoff.  On the bright side, I got hit on at the bar!  This is good not because I’m looking to get hit on (I’m not honey, I promise!) J but because it really gave me a nice self-esteem boost after my first week of metal mouth.  That I’m not a total hideous mess now is reassuring.  Phew.