Tuesday, January 15, 2008

it's so easy to forget

How great a workout feels, that is…  Why is that?  Every time I finish a long jog, a gym class, or a dance rehearsal, I think “Wow!  That was great!”  But then I take a day off and it’s SOOOO hard to get started again.  I took the weekend off, as well as most of last week, because I felt sorry for myself having to deal with “the braces”.  Oh, and because I’m just lazy.  That, too.  But after several days of sitting on my rear end, I figured I better get outside and work some of the jiggle out of my wiggle, so to speak.  I went on a nice (cold) run last night after work (here’s where the DH laughs at me, because he goes on a nice cold run everyday and doesn’t whine about it – but he was blessed with the virtue of willpower…); it was a fabulously meditative run, with some old mellow emo favorites playing on the ipod… I felt great afterwards, of course, and wondered yet again why I ever skip a workout… Sigh.  Fortunately, dance classes and rehearsals have picked back up after our holiday break, so I’m back at the studio 3 times a week, needing as always to increase my personal practice time.


On the diet front, since I can’t chew yet, I’ve been restricted to whatever semi-solid foods I can mash between my tongue and the roof of my mouth.  This weekend I learned that this does NOT include potato chips.  I’m a little concerned that most mashable foodstuffs are high calorie and high carb, but considering how long it takes me to eat anything, I’m probably eating a lot less that I think.  Fortunately, I like oatmeal and it’s good for me.  I am perfectly able to maintain a local diet if I want to – scrambled local eggs, mashed local potatoes, and yummy local buttercup squash soup have been on the menu this week…but I’m also indulging this opportunity to excuse myself to eat some definitely non-local and non-healthy treats, such as Culver’s chocolate milkshakes and Spaghetti-O’s.   Of course all I want is something crunchy!   


Happy Tuesday…