Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Nebraska governor signed into law today Legislative Bill 395, a statewide ban on smoking in public buildings and workplaces.  It’s about time!  Nebraska is behind the rest of the country in so many areas, I’m glad to see we are stepping up our efforts to practice the health and safety of our people (as well as ensure that I have a better bar experience).  Yes, I’m one of those whiney ex-smokers who can’t stand to come home from a bar or concert reeking of others’ cigarettes.  So what?  It’s bad for all of us!  Smoking is a filthy deadly habit.  I understand all about infringing on rights and freedom, but smokers are perfectly happy to ignore the freedom of the rest of us to breathe clean air.  They’re still free to smoke all they want…outside!  It’s about what’s best for the majority of us, not just what’s most convenient for a few.  


If you smoke, please consider quitting.  I smoked for years and while I enjoyed every cigarette, I know that giving it up was the best thing I ever did for my health, my appearance, and my wallet.  By not smoking, I was able to fund my 401(k) up to the company match!  I can run for miles, dance for hours, and do yoga without gasping for air… and I don’t smell like an ashtrash…unless I spend a night out at the bar with you.  Give it up – it’s worth it.