Wednesday, February 27, 2008

a mad and faithful telling

Mad and faithful pretty much describes my love for Devotchka!  I just purchased two pre-sale tickets to their upcoming May show at the Slowdown here in Omaha.  Words don’t explain my excitement and love for this band.  Their music makes me feel warm and fuzzy, happy and sad, and surrounded by love.  I could listen to nothing else and be perfectly content.  Sometimes I don’t listen to anything else (ask the poor DH).  No matter what my mood, Devotchka fits the bill.

This tour is to promote their new album “A Man and Faithful Telling” due out in March.  The Omaha date unfortunately falls on a night that the DH’s band has a gig potentially, but I bought two tickets just in case that falls through…otherwise I will find another happy soul to drag along to the show…or go alone.  I’m not a fan of buying extra tickets “just in case” or wasting money in general, but I think it’s well worth it for a Devotcka! show…