Saturday, March 08, 2008

Silence = Not Whining

Sometimes I blog like 6 times a day and sometimes I have nothing to say for weeks on end...suffice it to say that if I'm quiet, it's 'cause I'm cranky and trying not to come off sounding like a total baby. This is precisely what I've been going through this week. I caught some icky bug that's going around last week. It started in my throat (that horrible "I'm starting to get ill" taste - uck!), moved into my chest and is now settled in my nose... So I've been congested and exhausted, BUT not sick enough to take a day off from work or other activities...I've just been floating through them, trying not to cough on anyone... Fun! On top of that, I had my first arch wire change on Thursday, so I've been pretty sore. Well, perhaps "sore" isn't a strong enough descriptor - I feel like all my teeth are being slowly ripped out. I can't chew, a misery compounded by the fact that my Girl Scout cookie order came in this week and the Thin Mints are taunting me. So, yeah, I'm kinda whiny. Sorry...

So, let's see, other than being sick, I've been pretty busy the past week or so... Last weekend, the DH and I had a date night - when to the new downtown Stokes for dinner (mmmm...Hawaiian Walu works well with braces!), then to Film Streams to see "City of Men", which was basically a modern "Boyz in the Hood" but in Portuguese. I highly recommend it. Saturday night, we met up with ML and her man at Joslyn for the opening of the Qing exhibit. I attended a YAP lecture earlier that week, so I felt qualified to lead my own little tour... :)
The focuses of several dance rehearsals this week was gearing up for our next show, March 15 at the Shark Club. ML and I are working on a duet, but we'll see if it gets done - both of our busy schedules plus my total physical exhaustion (even dancing is too much exertion with this bug) is really hampering our practice time. The Salomes (my Diva Soma group - and that's "Sal-Oh-Mays, not Salamis, got it?!) is putting together a new choreography, and Angeli Tannebrarum is attempting to resurrect our Yallahween number...lots of dancing for poor sick A.D!
Thursday was by far my busiest yet most enjoyable day. I took the day off of work to help at the Jr. League booth at the Young Professionals Summit (ML was heavily involved in putting this event together and she and the rest of the team did a great job!). Then it was off to the orthodontist for my first wire change. Ouch. Then back to Benson (my second hometown it feels like now) to help at the Nebraska Food Coop, and out to Old Mill for a Jr. League Leadership Academy meeting. Then home to down a bunch of painkillers and pass out from tooth pain. :(
So, yeah, I'm barely functioning, but still going strong...I slept in this morning and it did amazing things for my mood...and so here I am, blogging again! :) Happy Saturday!

Tonight the DH, ML and her man, and I will down a bunch of coffee and head out to see Angels in America Part 2 at the Shelterbelt. The coffee is necessitated by the fact that the DH got up at 5 to run and go to work, and it's a 3 hour play....hmmm...may be sleeping in tomorrow too!