Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Buy Nothing in April? Hmmm...

Crunchy Chicken has issued her latest challenge – Buy Nothing in April.  Hmmm…this sounds great and theoretically shouldn’t be that hard, but April’s not shaping up to be a good month for not shopping.  For one, I need garden supplies.  For another, I have 3 birthday boys to find gifts for (husband, nephew, and father), as well as a baby shower.  Oh, then throw in the yearly Major Belly Dance Shopping Event at the annual Des Moines workshop this weekend and I think I’m toast as far as buying nothing goes…  I signed up for the challenge anyway.

I’m going to tailor this challenge a little differently to fit my special needs…  For me, April will be Buying Nothing Crafty, Unplanned, and Not Absolutely Essential.  So, new fabric is out.  I can use this month to try to use up some of my ever expanding stash; it’s not like I’m hurting for fabric!  The perfect hip scarf at the workshop is in – I know myself well enough to be certain that my willpower will be out the window once surrounded by All Things Sequined.  My rescheduled hair cut on April 4 is in (after all, it WAS supposed to be a March expense).  Splurging on hair color –out.  Supplies to get the garden up and running – in.  Not-so-necessary pretty gardening gloves – out.  I can wear an old pair.  

So, I guess I’m going with “Buy Nearly Nothing in April”.  Not achieving the full effect for sure, but I’ll do what I can.