Monday, April 28, 2008

Just can't stop...

Well, my latest 4 month stint on Wardrobe Refashion ends on Wednesday. I started back in August for 2 months...did another 2 months for October-November, then took the plunge for 4 months in December. Well, in order to clean up the blog's user list, nikkishell (the original refashionista) deleted everyone's account and started all of the active users over on 1 January. So my 4 months stretched to 5 months...which ends 30 April.
I have thought about this the last couple of days...did I really want to re-sign for another several months? I have been seriously slacking on my WR posts this past month due to working on Diva Soma costumes for the upcoming NBDS show. I have made a few items for myself, but didn't bother posting about them until today...maybe I'm burnt out?
Then I hopped on the WR blog and entered a quick post, and realized that no, I'm not really to quit just yet. I have tons of patterns and fabric and refashionable clothing...and I really don't want to go back to shopping for clothes! For one, I haven't missed it. I wouldn't mind some new shoes and I definitely need a new swimsuit for Mexico, but those things fall within the "acceptable purchasing" policy of the pledge.
So, I'm signed up again, this time for another 4 months. that'll take me up to September. Maybe in September I'll want to shop for my birthday. Maybe... :)