Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On guard!

I got to wield my new sword for the first time last night.  Well, kind of.  I’m not sure “wielding” is the proper word for what I did!  Calliste taught a sword dancing class after our regular tribal fusion class.  It was fun, but a little scary and somewhat frustrating.  For one, I have very little arm strength and almost no wrist strength.  My sword is heavy!  (Although I’m fairly certain that it’s “light” by sword standards).  Another issue is that I’m not all that coordinated; I probably shouldn’t be allowed to (try to) walk around with a large pointy object on my head, much less spin or bounce.  Good thing it’s a dull blade!  I still had fun, though – well, until we got into floor work and my feet cramped up!  Ouch!  Sounds like some happy little goddess is severely dehydrated!  Hmmm…now to find the time to practice with my sword.  Between the Kimya Dawson and Man-Man concerts this weekend, the Earth Day festival (I’m helping at the NFC table as well as at Diva Soma’s), belly dance and hula rehearsals, and all the other fun stuff going on, it’s shaping up to be a typically busy weekend.


Ooh, did I mention that my dear sweet husband and his band are opening up for the Sick Puppies on April 29???  Whoo-hoo!  I’m really excited – this is one of several sold-out shows they are anticipating in the next few weeks.