Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mom's Day

I received a Mother's Day card yesterday…from my dog.  Isn't he the sweetest? ;)

Phew, what a weekend.  Actually, it was almost relaxing – there wasn't much going on in the way of "plans".  That never stops me from staying busy, though…  Friday night the DH and I swung by Rafal's to say hi, then headed north to hang with ML and her man.  It was a good time – an excellent dinner and an "interesting" movie.  We watched "The Real Dirt about Farmer John".  It was…well, kinda weird.  There were definitely parts I liked, and definitely scenes I could have done without (such as watching John's mother die).  Sad.  Certainly not the flick for "date night".  

My parents came to town…again. J  They visit quite often.  Nothing wrong with that; I like my parents…they just visit a LOT!!!  Saturday morning, my mom and I checked out the Village Point Farmer's Market (I bought a jalepeno pepper seedling) and stopped into Harry and Davids to sample…well, everything. J  They have chocolate-covered blueberries!  Good stuff!! 

I went on a bit of a fabric binge Friday after work, so while the DH and his band drove to Des Moines for a gig, and my parents headed south to visit my baby sister and nephew, I stayed home and sewed.  Man, I live an exciting life.  Home on a Saturday night, with my serger.  Actually, it was great.  I hadn't had a night home in well over a week, and since I'd been to two separate margarita-indulging events this week already, staying home was sublime.  I finished one graphic-print knit dress and started in on a tank top…

The DH didn't get home until 5 AM Sunday morning, so I spent my morning putzing around, reading and waiting for him to wake up.  After both of us had achieved full consciousness, we dropped off a Mom's Day gift at my MIL's house and headed to Film Streams to watch Chop Shop.  It was a sad movie, IMO – about two orphan's in NYC trying to get by…  To lift my spirits after the film, we stopped for sushi. J  That always does the trick. J 

Hope everyone had a great weekend – now here's to another busy week!  Happy Monday! :P