Friday, May 09, 2008


Ugh.  I’ve had an utter lack of motivation lately when it comes to physical activity and proper nutrition.  I’m eating well enough, but have been throwing in plenty of crappy junk food on a not-so-irregular basis.  Not good for the ol’ waistline and it’s starting to show!  My skinny clothes are beginning to feel like sausage casings.  So unattractive…  And a quick hop on the scale this morning confirmed my suspicious – up up up!  Sigh… time to get back on track… Or more to the point, back on The Track – back-to-back races the last weekend in April should have been enough proof that I’m totally out of shape!  Apparently I can’t stay slim on 4+ dance rehearsals per week alone. 


Diet success for the day:  declined offer of Panera bagels for breakfast and opted for my organic whole-grain apple-cinnamon oatmeal instead… yea me!