Tuesday, August 19, 2008

weakness and foreigh travel report

So, yeah, I suck at the whole Buy Nothing thing.  Didn’t last 3 weeks.  I did plan on some spending on our trip to Puerto Vallarta, but before we left, I swung by the fabric store to look for material for a beach cover-up…and walked out with a stack of fabric and patterns.  There were two patterns I really wanted but were out of stock, so of course, I had to stop by the other location of this particular store and look there…no patterns, but another pile of fabric!  Damn! 

Last night, I had a committee meeting at My Closet…remember my total lack of will power in that store?  It struck again.  3 pairs of shoes, a skirt and t-shirt.  Great.  At least it’s for a good cause, right? :P  Since I had already blown it, I also stopped by the Goodwill and dug for t-shirts to play with…  sigh.  I totally suck at this. 


Our vacation was fantastic, btw.  Fantastic, but far too short.  I missed the dog, but pretty much nothing else about home.  I felt great the whole time – I’ve been having super-sensitive skin issues and some digestive problems, and both cleared up on this trip.  Huh, think they’re stress related?  Uh, yeah. 

So, what did we do on vacation, you ask?  Nothing, and it was everything I thought it could be…  Well, OK, not “nothing”, but it was entirely relaxing.  I reunited with my favorite beach drink, the Miami Vice, a half-strawberry daiquiri-half piña colada concoction.  Divine sugary goodness.  We swam in the pool, jumped waves in the ocean, rode Wave Runners, jogged on the beach, napped, and ate and drank to our hearts’ content.  One night we hustled another couple at pool  and we spent another evening watching a slightly creepy mime do his thing.  On the last morning, I caught some movement in the sand out of the corner of my eye – it was a group of baby turtles crawling out of the sand and trying to make their way to the water.  Very cool.  An entirely satisfactory vacation, all in all. 


My return to real life hasn’t been quite so pleasant, but what do you do, huh? :P