Thursday, September 25, 2008

aren't ya glad I didn't say "orange"

Apples.  Apples.  APPLES, APPLES, APPLES!!! I am so sick of apples.  Yes, I’m aware that it’s like officially only the 3rd day of fall or whatever, but still.  After freezing 13 quarts of apples last week, baking my 3rd apple crisp of the month last night, along with a  couple of dozen apple muffins, and eating apples from the CSA constantly… I’m tired of them.  I just checked our food co-op account to see what today’s delivery total would be.  First of all, the steak I ordered is out of stock (due to some little old lady throwing a church dinner or something), and now I have realized that the 1 lb of apples I ordered (before the apple-exhaustion set in) is actually 10 lbs.  Oh joy.


Frankly, I’m more than a little tired of being in the kitchen, period!  Sunday was the great chex mix experiment. Tuesday night I made the chard and onion quiche, cantaloupe bread, and chopped veggies for dinner (cabbage for coleslaw, and veggies to grill).  Last night was the apple crisp and muffins.  I still have several lbs of potatoes to use, plus a ton of winter squash and some celery.  I’m thinking about a crock-pot low-carb (ie sans noodle) chicken soup (that’ll take care of the celery, some onions, and maybe a carrot), some butternut squash soup (a couple of squash and several pototes), and some mashed potatoes.  All of those things freeze well, which would mean I’d have plenty of frozen lunches on hand – always a plus.  And maybe some sweet potato and black bean burritos?  I did those last year and they were good… we’ll see. 


All this food…it’s no wonder I’ve been packing on the pounds lately.  Must do something about that – does cooking burn calories???