Wednesday, September 24, 2008

duck and cover

An auspicious start to my  Wednesday.  I got to work and attempted to plug my new mini-laptop into my power strip to charge.  The plug isn’t polarized and on my first attempt I got a spark.  OK.  Weird.  The rest of my work equipment is plugged into this same strip and has never had an issue.  My cube neighbor suggested trying the power strip that our coffee pot is hooked up to.  I handed over the computer at this point, ‘cause I wasn’t trying it!  He plugged it in and everything seemed fine.  Must have been a fluke.


So we’re sitting there chatting, and all of a sudden there is a loud “BOOM!”.  Oh, no!  My new computer!  My cube mate starts laughing.  No, it’s not the laptop…it’s the bottle of drinkable yogurt I brought for breakfast – the cap blew off!  Talk about random. 


So, yeah, actual work is going to have to wait until my heartrate returns to normal.  I wish the DH would answer his phone, so I can make sure the house didn’t explode after I left.  Eek.