Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the clouds are lifting

Finally, after 4 ½ days, I don't feel like I'm going to puke and the room has stopped spinning.  I've had a constant sense of vertigo since mid-Saturday night.  Fun, let me tell you.  It has made walking an adventure, concentration impossible, and interaction with other people a total nightmare.  But it seems to have passed.  Phew!

I meant to post an update about my fabulous birthday, but had to wait until I could form complete sentences without putting my head down on my desk. 

After getting my hair fixed, I spent a luxurious day not working, or more specifically, making myself a "5 Minute Skirt" (20 minutes in AD time), baking a leek-and-chard quiche and German pancakes, and searching West Omaha for Fruit Fresh.  No, I'm not cutting meth – I wanted to preserve some apples!  5 grocery stores later – nothing.  Grrr…  But I did stop at the bead store on West Center and made myself a pretty necklace to wear out that night. 

The DH, being the total spoiler that he is, bought me a dozen roses…and made me pick them up myself.  J  I love telling people that – it sounds so horrible.  And while it's true, it's not the whole story.  The long version is that he ordered me flowers to be delivered at work, then found out I was staying home that day, cancelled that order, ordered some from a local florist…the florist delivery truck stopped by while I was at the salon, and not wanting to leave them on our porch, took them back to the flower shop.  It was just easier for me to drive 2 miles to get them, rather than wait for the delivery guy to try again.  But telling my mother than I had to pick up my own birthday flowers was just more fun. J  Thanks for having a sense of humor, dear sweet husband.  (Who also got me a gift certificate to the spa, and sprung for a mucho-pricey sushi dinner and drinks, sat through a play about nuns set in the 60's, and took me to a gallery opening that I wanted to see). 

ML joined us for sushi and the play.  She really outdid herself this year – she MADE me a gift.  I must be rubbing off on her. J  She whipped up homemade lavendar scented body scrub, packaged in a nifty jar topped with my photo and trimmed in belly dance coins. J  And she hand-sewed a microwavable heating pack.  Awesome! 

The dog seemed to forget that it was my birthday…huh.  At least he remembered Mother's Day, I guess… J 

The rest of the weekend was taken up by a trip to the farmers market, the Husker game, the start of the spinning and nausea, Diva photo shoot, more spinning, peeling, coring, slicing, and freezing 13 QUARTS of apples, stomping and cursing (at the apples), and blessed sleep – the only thing my spinning head could tolerate. 

Today is much better – I actually got a good run in (and just in time – the Corporate Cup is just days away), and I'm going to dance tonight, barring any residual nausea.  Cross your fingers… J