Friday, September 19, 2008

if I had more free time...

My to-do and want-to-do lists are about 5 pages long at the moment… Besides all the have-to’s, such as calling volunteers for the CSI Touch-A-Truck event, reading the next chapter in my network security textbook, cleaning the floor mats in my car, submitting flexible spending account claims, and picking up my library books, I have several (thousands) things on my want-to list. If I just had the time, I’d

· Make a quiche with the leftover bacon in the fridge

· Sew my Husker dress for next week’s Virginia Tech match-up

· Try my hand at making cheese – that’s been on the list for a while, but Trent at TSD talked about it again today…

· Finish the fleece jacket I started last night

· Make some more pants-into-yoga-mat-bags to try to sell

· Choreograph my Yallahween solo

· Transplant some of the lily bulbs from the front flower beds to the back yard

· Felt some of the sweaters I bought weeks ago

· Read the 18 books I already have checked out from the library before I have to re-renew them!

· Experiment with some jewelry making techniques I’ve researched

· Frog my lopsided scarf and re-learn how to knit

· Figure out how to cook the okra that is probably now rotting in my crisper

That’s not even close to all, but those are the things that have crossed my mind so far today to try to fit into my weekend… Yeah, right! After the Toast to Omaha fundraiser party tonight, picking up the final CSA share for the year tomorrow morning, heading out for a bachelorette party tomorrow night, running the Corporate Cup 10K on Sunday morning, and then hip-dropping my way through 2 rehearsals on Sunday, I’ll be lucky to have enough time to sleep!

Oh, and my headache is back. The dizziness is too, but not nearly as bad as before… TGIF, right?