Monday, September 22, 2008

Who needs sleep?

Um, yeah, so another busy weekend...but did I get anything done?  Of course not. :)  Other than picking up my library books, grabbing the CSA share and other Farmers Market goodies, running the Corporate Cup, dance practice, and doing a ton of laundry, not a whole lot got crossed off my "have-to" list.  I kept getting sidetracked with other tasks that became instantly more urgent - the bachelorette party, gift for bachelorette party, a phone call from a panicky sibling struggling with her statistics test, realizing I needed to bring treats for my Monday night JLO committee meeting...such is life.  As for the "want-to's", nothing much got done there either.  I did:

·         Made a quiche with the leftover bacon in the fridge

·         Got a start on my Husker dress for the Virginia Tech match-up; it's cut out and the initial stay-stitching and pleats for the top are done. 

·         Almost finished the fleece jacket - I still need to cover some buttons, then sew those on, plus some minor hemming.

·         The okra was bad, so that plan was scrapped.  However, I did make some sweet potato fries and mixed up a couple of huge batches of Chex Mix for a meeting tonight - one BBQ and one Cherry Malted.  Chex has some great recipes on their website, if you are so munchily-inclined.

•         Read a little - didn't finish or return any books to the library, just picked up more...


So, now the list for this week is even longer...

I have to:

·         Finish my network security homework

·         Call the rest of my volunteer recruitment list

·         Vacuum the house

·         Use or preserve all the veggies from the CSA/FM - cabbage, sweet potatoes, fingerlings, carrots, swiss chard, onions, tomatoes, salad mix, cantaloupe, cucumbers, spaghetti and butternut squashes, summer squash, peppers - sweet, hot, and some roasting peppers, etc.  I see another quiche in my future, plus some soup, coleslaw, and perhaps a Mexican dish with the tomatoes and hot peppers...

·         Go to meetings...JLO My Closet tonight, JLO Publications tentatively on Wed night.

·         Work a My Closet shift

·         Pick up my co-op purchase

·         Wander out to the garden and see if there is anything to harvest

·         Construct and a mail a costume to a friend

I want to:

·         Finish the fleece jacket

·         Finish the Husker dress

·         Read at least 2 of my books in their entirety

·         Choreograph my solo

·         Come up with a list of songs for future group dances

·         Work on some jewelry projects

·         Work on some costume ideas


Oh, and eat, sleep, and go to work.  Plus I’m sure my husband would like to see me at some point. J

Naturally, this isn’t everything, but I’d hate to take on more than I can handle…yeah, right! J