Saturday, November 29, 2008


Sewing While Intoxicated... well, not really. This bottle finally got emptied after about a YEAR, and I don't drink Jack...lord knows how it got anywhere near my sewing machine, but I saw this and just LMAO. Doesn't that just say it all? Um, bad sewing day? Ha! Posted it on Wardrobe Refashion, but it's good enough for the rest of ya's, too. :)
Love, love, LOVE these long weekends. Three days full of family, food, football, and friends and I still have another day to go. Yea!
For Thanksgiving, the DH and I went to Lake Zorinsky to jog with the annual ORC Turkey Trot Fun Run crowd. Uh, how 'bout "Not-So-Fun Run"? It was cold and windy and I was just not feeling the running love that morning - I was slow and grumpy. Ugh.
For the big meal, we drove over the river and through the woods (otherwise known as "down Q Street") to the in-laws'. The DH's family holds the Guinness Book record for faster holiday meals EVER. Seriously, we drug it out as long as we could and we were still done in less than an hour. The rest of the afternoon/evening/night was spend on the couch watching movies, digesting. Good times.
On Friday, poor DH had to work, so the extra Husker ticket went to ML. What a game! A 57-yard field goal in the final minutes of the 4th gave us the lead and an intersection with seconds left sealed the deal. Woo-hoo! Go Big Red!
I did get to spend some time with my beloved - we made it out to the DI-FI show at the Roxbury later that night. Nothing like some death metal to cap off Black Friday, huh? Rock on.
This morning's run was much more fun - met up with ML, and a couple of friends at Elmwood Park for a jog, then we checked out the new all-natural Blue Planet Grill in Aksarben Village. Organic, fair-trade caramel-vanilla latte, anyone? Ooh, me, me! We've definitely found a new breakfast spot.
To continue the green-ness, I hosted a "Green Clean" party this afternoon. Not much of a party, with only 2 of my original 5 guests in attendance, but it was fun nonetheless. Rebecca, Christina, and I mixed up some laundry detergent, tub & tile scrub, wood floor spray, and an all-purpose cleaner while munching on Oreos and sipping our coffees and tea.
Sigh, and now I'm all alone, pondering the rest of my evening... What to do... I'm felting some sweaters in the wash, but I have so many projects on my list that I'm in a bit of a craft overload paralysis. Ack! Maybe some dinner would help...or another one of those bottles up there...

Warning: Don't drink and craft!