Thursday, February 05, 2009

depression - it's not just for the economy!

Last week, the DH & I saw two of the most depressing, why-do-I-bother-living movies I’ve ever seen:  Revolutionary Road and The Wrestler.  Both were good, don’t get me wrong , it’s just that they were very effective…and that effect was a deep sense of sadness and futility.  The Wrestler didn’t both me as much as RR.  I couldn’t really identify with an aging professional wrestler/entertainer (and I was coming off a large dinner and several drinks, so I kinda dozed off during the first 20 minutes), but it was still a tragic tale.  The young suburban couple in RR, however, was a different story entirely – um, yeah, as half of a young suburban couple, this really hit a chord.  I was still down in the dumps two days later!


From now on, only comedies for me please!