Monday, February 16, 2009

Update on those '09 resolutions

Just over halfway through Month 2 of 2009, how am I doing? 
  • Half-mar trailing - this has been a challenge.  I've been faithfully doing the "long" runs on Saturdays (OK, they're not that long yet), but my jogging has been sporadic durin ghe week and I've developed some sort of hip issue that keeps me from moving very much after I run.  It's weird, scary, painful, and probably my own fault. 
  • New camera - just hit "Place my order" on a new camera.  We'll see.  I did some research, tried a few out.  In the end, went with new, cheap-ish, and well-reviewed.
  • Donate clothes - I dropped off over $300 in clothes during January at My Closet, so I'm off to a good start. 
  • Belly dance - I've done a few dvds.  Not enough, but it's a start.  Definitely not dancing every day.  This is partially due to the aforementioned hip issue, and also to just be so freaking busy that I don't have time, but I do need to make this more of a priority. 
  • Try new techniques - craft-wise, that is.  I made my own Valentines this year for all the Divas and for some other friends and family.  I'm not good with glue, so it was an adventure.  The cards were well-received, so I think I may have a future in paper.
  • Quality time with the DH.  I'd definitely say this was going well.  We had an awesome Valentine's weekend, amongst many other awesome weekends together so far this year.
  • MALS - as I posted earlier this week, I submitted my application to Mizzou's M.A. in Library Science program.  Cross your fingers! :)  If all goes well this semester, I'll have 6 hours under my belt by May 5, and if I get accepted to the program, can figure out my upcoming jaw surgery schedule, and get approval to take summer classes, I'll have another 6 knocked out by the end of June.  That's a lot of ifs.
So, yeah, there you have it.  Not bad for the first 47 days of the year, huh?