Monday, March 02, 2009

retail therapy

For once, I didn’t have a good weekend.  I, the queen of busy-and-fun-filled-or-otherwise-productive weekends, was in a sorry state.  I received some very sad news about something I cared very deeply about.   I cannot go into details at this time, as I do not feel that it is fair to speak poorly of someone in a public venue if you have not heard their side, but suffice it to say I am very disappointed after hearing the first side of the story.  There was crying, and I am not a crier.  I even scared the dog. 


So, yeah, long difficult weekend.  To compensate, I attempted a little retail therapy, buying a cheap-o digital camera for our upcoming vacation (not taking the “nice” camera out of the country!), a belly dance dvd, and two new craft books.  Yea!  Stuff!