Wednesday, September 09, 2009

hoop it up

It's World Hoop Day, didn't you know? Yeah, me neither. Nonetheless, I'm loading some canned good and my hoop (yes, I own one) into the car this morning so I can hit the "Hula Hoop and a Can of Soup" event at Elmwood after work. As long as it doesn't rain, I'll be meeting a couple of belly dancers there to check out the event and then move on to our own rehearsal. A chance to dance outside just sounded too good. :)

Today's breakfast: ice cream and Grandma's chocolate sauce. I made the sauce on Monday, and decided that I just need to get it used up. Really. I do. Wouldn't want to waste it, right? Plus it'll be soothing on my torn-up mouth. I'll do better for lunch, when I have my "real" breakfast: a veggie-Swiss quiche that the DH has already given a big thumbs-up. Followed by an afternoon snack of mashed up raspberries in vanilla yogurt. The yogurt will hopefully keep my digestive track from going haywire what with all the antibiotics I've been taking for this stupid infection. Bleh. Tomorrow I return to my surgeon for xrays of my jaw - hopefully I'm not derailing my progress by taking a week off my rubber bands to recover!