Monday, September 28, 2009

one of those weekends

Yep, another busy one.  As usual. J  The puppy, the DH, and I drove home to visit all my grandparents this weekend.  We left out Friday night, and met my parents at my paternal grandmother’s ranch.  Many years back, my grandfather got a contract with the Bureau of Land Management to hold wild horses brought in from out West so that people could adopt them.  The wild populations get too big and this was the solution to keeping the numbers in check.  Works for me. 


Anyways, the 5 of us drove to Sumner, NE – the tiny town where a big portion of my dad’s family was raised – and had dinner at Tub’s Pub, a rather decent steakhouse that also boasts a crazy rendition of “Happy Birthday” if you are unfortunate to visit on your special day. 


Saturday we went to see my mother’s family.  My grandfather has recently retired to take care of my grandmother, who is slipping away from us a little more each day.  I’m honestly not sure if she knew who I was.  It is very sad. 


We continued on from there back to Lincoln for the football game.  Our dog has never been tailgating before, so we brought him along – my parents spread out the tickets amongst my siblings, so my nephew and the dog got to spend the night at our place with “Mimi & Papa” and the game on PPV.  Good times.  The game was great, of course – nothing like watching a high-scoring shut-out during the 300th consecutive sell-out.  Only like 45 years in the making…


Sunday was spend doing more domesticated things around the house.  Fun stuff like laundry, and dishes, and canning.  I baked pancake-muffins (the best invention EVER), and then canned 3 jars of pears and 10 jars of tomato sauce.   Before all of that got started, I took my mom, my nephew, and the dog to the Nebraska Humane Society “Walk for the Animals”.  The dog promptly stepped in a patch of burrs, screaming, kicking, and biting when we tried to pull them out of his paw, and my nephew almost immediately saw a playground and fell into a tantrum until Mom took him to the slide.  The dog and I did the walk alone, and then browsed the vendor tables until the nephew was sufficiently worn out. 


This week won’t be nearly as bad schedule-wise.  No meetings, a few practices, a date with the DH, and plenty of homework to get done… Here we go!