Monday, October 12, 2009

i hate spiders

I can’t be the only person that would rather NOT see one of these creatures on her towel as she steps out of the shower. Ugh. And yet, it’s happened several times already this fall… The DH is more than familiar with my “spider scream”, the shrill noise I make when startled. This very morning, he pointed one out as it scrambled across our bedroom floor. Great. That will make going to sleep fun tonight.

The worst was two weeks ago at the library. I was at my volunteer shift, shelving Y.A. fiction when I noticed something move out of the corner of my eye. I kid you not, this thing was the diameter of a pop can. I didn’t scream, fortunately. I avoided it as best I could, but it decided to camp out in front of the “N” shelf…and naturally, I had a stack of Nicholson and Olsen hardbacks to shelve… I was hoping that another patron would walk by and scare it into running away, but no such luck. No one else seemed to even notice the spider’s presence. I managed to finish shelving and moved on to graphic novels… carefully monitoring the beast as I travel back and forth from the back room to the teen area. It didn’t move once. Finally, I stopped by the reference desk and asked the volunteer coordinator about his feelings on killing things and pointed out the spider. I’m sure he thought I was just being a huge baby. He promised to step on the spider and sent me on my way. Several minutes later, I heard a series of loud thuds. Then he walked over to me, panting, and dropped two large books at my feet. “Yep, that was a big one. My shoe didn’t work.” Eek. It was all I could do to go back the next week. Thank goodness fo government holidays – no shift today.

Photo obtained from Wikimedia Commons…