Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cuteness & Tears

First, the cuteness:

This is going on our Christmas cards this year. I did not get ONE decent photo the whole year of the DH and I. Mostly because of my braces, but also because I'm usually the one wielding the camera, so it just doesn't happen.

As for the tears... I've got a blocked tear duct or some sort of eye issue going on - I've been crying nonstop from my left eye for going on 6 months. Wow. It is the vary definition of annoying. I've been giving steroid drops, allergy drops, and underwent a tear duct irrigation last week, all to no avail. It has to be surgery related. I haven't mentioned it to my surgeon up until now because I figured it was temporary and would go away...but it hasn't, so I'll ask him next week when I got in for a checkup. I really wish it would stop! It's ruining my makeup! :)

November is almost over, and so far, I have actually managed to not acquire any new craft projects. I made two crocheted scarves for my lil sis, but since I didn't keep them, they don't count! As for wrapping up some UFOs...that's not really happening. I'm almost finished a animal-print (zebra and leopard, yeow!) ruffled hip scarf, but not quite. Maybe tonight?

Today I danced at the Bedouin Star Winter Bazaar. Vended too! I offloaded 4 hand-dyed silk veils and another item I can't recall (obviously, it was very special to me...). And I "only" bought two necklaces and two knitted capes (one of which is a gift). So I actually came out ahead, monetarily! Yea me! Here's ML and I performing our Karakas duet (blurriness the result of my phone's camera, not our lightening-speed dancing skills):

And now, to procrastinate further on the two Major Assignments that are due next Friday, I'm heading to pick up the above-mentioned Christmas cards. I've already received one card in the mail, so obviously I'm falling behind!