Monday, November 02, 2009

ufos and sweet potatoes

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Aw, Monday - how I loathe thee.

Yesterday was one of those fabulous lazy Sundays - not lazy as in I
didn't do anything, but lazy as in I wasn't beholden to anyone else's
whims or schedule. I got my extra hour of sleep in (whoever decided to align the start of DST with Halloween was a genius), took the puppy for a jog around the neighborhood, then settled in the drink coffee and finish Colin Beavan's long anticipated No Impact Man book. My afternoon was filled with the smells of brisket and sweet potatoes braising in the Crockpot and the feel of silk bamboo yarn between my fingers as I worked on a UFO that I found lurking in the corner of my craft room. It was nice to finally finish this particular scarf, which I started last winter but lost in the mess of things and constant activity that is my normal daily life. With that, I've decided to make November a UFO month - I'm going to hunt down and finish all those Unfinished Objects, and make a little space in my guest room for something else - maybe guests? :)

The scarf is from a pattern I found online (here), designed by Amy O'Neill Houck. I did these two particular
colors of yarn because I couldn't find enough of either of them to just
use one color. J I need to remember, next time I start a time-intensive
but lovely pattern like this, that I should pick colors that actually
match my everyday clothing. Fortunately I have ONE shirt that this
scarf matches, and I'm wearing it today!