Saturday, October 14, 2006

An Evil Night...

Diva Soma held their first "Yallah-ween" show last night - our Friday the 13th quasi-belly dance extravaganza. There was plenty of belly dancing, plus some more interpretive-style performances, and for the grand finale...The Time Warp. Eek! :) I even convinced the darling husband to participate in that one!
For our first duet together, Megs and I threw together a little belly-burleQ number to Jill Tracy's "Evil Night Together", complete with fishnet stockings, corsets, black lace and boas. She hung me on stage; I shot her as she danced her way off... Cute!
In other news, our troupe was filmed for Cox Channel 248 (to appear sometime on Wednesday, October 18, I think) during class this week. They interviewed Magdalene and me - much to my reluctance, but no one seemed to want to talk to the camera! So I might be on TV, too - hopefully they cut out most of my dialogue!