Monday, January 22, 2007

Looking so good hurts SO bad!

Ouch!  It hurts to breathe right now!  I went to a dance workshop in Kearney over the weekend – a Rajasthani Gypsy Sepera workshop.  It was awesome, but apparently we worked muscles that are not in regular use – particularly our obliques.  I feel like I was in a street fight or something!  

I’ve notice, though, that I’m always in a little pain, and have been constantly since I started a regular workout schedule over the past year.  You would think that eventually your body would adapt and nothing would phase you, but it’s not the case.  Sure, things like running a few miles don’t wind you like they used to and you’re able to walk the next day, but I still get sore from certain crunches, chest flies, any repetitive movement that isn’t done daily.  Although I’ve lost weight and generally feel better, the constant aches and stiffness make me wonder if the pain is really worth the gain.  Should looking good feel bad?