Monday, January 29, 2007

That girl's a runnin' fool

Yesterday was the first race of the 2007 Omaha Running Club season, the "Chiller Challenge". It's an 8K run around the NP Dodge Park in North Omaha. I would have to say that "chiller" and "challege" are both understatements! It was about 10 degrees outside, and this was in the afternoon! I finished in under 45 minutes - not a personal best, but considering the sheer amount of clothing I had on, I think it was a good time!
After the race, the t-shirts for last year's Run the Magnet challenge were handed out. "Running the magnet" involved completing 8 of the 14 qualifying races (listed on a fridge magnet) - I did 9 of them. The winners were announced at November's Annual Meeting and the group photo is here. This challenge was one of my New Year's Resolutions for 2006, so it felt like quite an accomplishment to be able to check that goal off my list. As for the 2007 challenge, one race down, 7 to go!