Monday, March 12, 2007

Another busy weekend - Daylight Savings Time edition

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I’m more exhausted on Monday mornings than any other day of the week, despite having such “relaxing” weekends…

I’ll start with Thursday – not quite the weekend, but we did go out, so it counts, right? J  Lowell and I went to the Shelterbelt Theatre for the opening of “I Am My Own Wife”, a one-man play staring Nick Zadena.  It was wonderful.  Nick played 40 characters and did it flawlessly.  The play is based off a true story about this transvestite in Germany that survived the Nazi’s and the Communists despite the fact that many gays were persecuted during that time.  It was funny and sad, and just wonderfully entertaining.  I highly recommend it.  As new Theatre Arts Guild members, Lowell and I got to see it for free this time.  Well, mostly free – we did donate $5 each for the TAG scholarship fund.  But between the discount we got at last week’s play (“‘night, Mother”), and this performance, we’re already recovered the cost of our membership.  

Friday I dashed home, finished cleaning up the guest room for my parents (they stayed over after a wedding in Lincoln that night), took my old prom dresses and some other clothes to the Jumble Shop for donation, and then make it to HDR to catch a ride with Ticha and Amanda by 5:30.  We ate at Jazz (Cajun restaurant) on 15th & Harney with Meghan before heading to the Orpheum for the opera.  The opera, “Wakonda’s Dream”, was…interesting.  Not great, but being my first opera experience, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I didn’t really buy modern-day folks from Niobrara, NE singing in operatic-style.  The story would have taken 5 minutes to tell, but they managed to drag it out.  Superb actors, mediocre story.

Saturday I hung out with my parents for a little while before going to the Jr. League American Girl Fashion Show.  This was the 13th year they’ve put on the show.   It was a huge, elaborate, and very well-organized event, which seems to be what the Jr. League does best.  I had a great job – I got to sit along the side of the catwalk and smile at the little girls and help them down the stairs.  

After all that, went to Sam’s Club and the library, worked on my latest sewing project (costume for our next show), baked muffins, etc.  Lowell and I went to see Zodiac that night – great movie, but very long.  Then we stopped by a friend of Lowell’s house for a going-away party for another friend.  We didn’t stay very long – I was really tired and it was very smoky in the house.  Of course, instead of saying “Oh, Aimee’s tired, we’re going to take off”, Lowell saw me yawn and announced to the room that “Aimee is bored, so we better take off.”  Fortunately I think most of the crowd was drunk enough not to notice. :P

Yesterday morning, I met Meghan and some other running club members at Lake Zorinsky for a Keep Omaha Beautiful trail clean-up.  Then we attempted to stop by our friend Amanda’s house to take her muffins and mimosas for her birthday, but her mom forgot when we were coming and they weren’t home.  They called when they got home, so we went back over, saw her for a while, then went to Hancock’s, bought a bunch of fabric and went to my house to sew the rest of the afternoon, until we had dance practice.  Phew.  I guess that’s it. Oh, and I danced for several hours last night.