Sunday, June 17, 2007

26 Temptations

The title of one of my favorite Devotcha! songs, and the hell I am living right now. How come when you give something up voluntarily, it's suddenly everywhere?!? So I quit shopping for a while. Do you think the world is taking it easy on me? That would be NO. My husband almost suggested that we go to the mall as our Saturday night activity last night. I know he wasn't thinking about the implications of that for me, just the fact that he has $500 to blow on clothes for himself at the moment, but still... I got an email from one of the Divas about the recent Ren Faire and it's plethora of belly dance gear for sale. There is a HUGE sale at the fabric store coming up during this horrid month (I wonder if it'll be OK to cave for that one if I run out of fabric at home? Not likely to happen, but it's glimmer of hope...) Not to mention every e-newsletter I get contains mention of something lovely to buy. :( The not-so-happy little goddess is pouting.