Thursday, June 14, 2007

Deprived or depraved?

So since I decided to stop buying myself stuff two days ago, formally declaring my intentions yesterday (and telling my husband, who laughed), I’ve been thinking. Is giving up shopping really doing anything to stem my wanton materialism? Sure, I’ll stop accumulating new objects, but am I even getting close to the root of the problem? defines materialism as: A preoccupation with or emphasis on material objects, comforts, and considerations, with a disinterest in or rejection of spiritual, intellectual, or cultural values; the theory or attitude that physical well-being and worldly possessions constitute the greatest good and highest value in life.

What do I value? I hope by the end of these 30 days, I have a better idea. Maybe if new things aren’t an option for me, I’ll stop thinking about them, and focus on what really matters to me…whatever that is… J I hope I like myself more after this. I was certainly not impressed with me after reading Kasser’s book.

So, stay tuned for more random questions; there are sure to be many as I spend less time buying s$%# and more time searching my soul for the meaning of it all…


Update - a few minutes later: Do I sound like a poor spoiled suburbanite, whining about "how hard life is in my new house, with my good job, loving husband, and full social life"? That's not my intention at all, so I apologize now if your eyeballs are aching from all the rolling they're doing right now. I just feel that, despite all I have, I am missing something. There has to be more to life than finding time for a new yoga class and dragging myself to work each day to pay for more shoes...