Monday, July 09, 2007

The end of the salad days

I got to the farmers market late this weekend, due to running the horrible race.  I didn’t think much of it at this time of year – there are plenty of veggies to go around.  However, upon arriving at my favorite salad vendor’s stand, I noticed he had only squash for sale…  That’s odd, I thought – I know I’m late, but he’s not usually sold out entirely.  Then I began to notice that everyone was out of salad.  I overheard another customer asking about spinach and heard the vendor’s reply:  done for the season.  What?!?  No more salad?  Not until fall, I guess.  It’s just too hot.  I can understand that…but now what?  As ML pointed out, salad is a staple of our local food diet.  

I guess I’ll have to progress to alternative non-leafy salads.  In that vein, the ratatouille turned out well.  I used the recipe from the local paper and I thought it was excellent (and no one seemed to object).  I scrambled some leftovers into my eggs this morning and will finish off the rest for lunch…

One bright spot at the farmers market this weekend:  the arrival of cantaloupe!  I bought a large ripe melon and shared it at our picnic last night – wow!  It was so delicious…I should have bought two!