Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Let's Jam!

Only slightly delayed by the tornado warning in our area last night, I managed to knock out 8 small jars of peach-nectarine jam. I was inspired by Crunchy Chicken’s ginger-peach preserves, so I added some candied ginger to each jar as well. The jars sealed correctly, so I’m crossing my fingers that the jam sets up this time! I’m still working my way through the peach syrup from my last jamming session!

I used a couple more of the nectarines for dinner – I made this amazing Hoisin-Marinated Steak with Nectarine Salsa! Mmmm… As a side, the DH made some broccoli and cheese, and I sautéed some multi-colored string beans (have you ever seen purple string beans before??? I haven’t…). A very good meal. The steaks were purchased from the farmer’s market, as well as most of the veggies (the tomatoes and peppers were from my garden). I think the DH is warming up to local food – he didn’t flinch when I brought up a CSA membership next spring, even inviting me to make a compelling case for our participation. I think I’m winning this one… J

Unfortunately the storm threw my evening schedule out of whack entirely, so all I really got accomplished was the jam. No reading, no Wardrobe Refashion. L However, I did make a little progress cleaning up the basement, as we sat out the sirens below ground!