Monday, August 27, 2007

Spoken Morse Code is the most annoying sound ever

Someone in my office found the need to verbally recite Morse Code patterns today, and I’ve been bitching about it every since.  Why on Earth anyone would need to do this is beyond me.  This individual then proceeded to find some recorded clips of Morse Code on the internet and played them for us.  For 20 minutes.  If I wasn’t allowed to wear my ipod during work hours, I don’t know what I would do.  Probably drag my desk into the hallway…

So anyways, not the greatest start to my work week! J  The weekend was pleasant enough, though.  Met some friends for drinks on Friday night, helped with a charity road race on Saturday morning (where this cute little high school boy tried so hard to impress me with his knowledge of Christian rock and boxing – it was adorable), then headed to the West O farmer’s market.  I still have plenty of stuff left from last week, so I decided to branch out a little, buying my first butternut squash and a very large beet – the latter I was promised could be wrapped in foil and baked like a potato…we’ll see.  Saturday afternoon was spent in my yard pulling up sod from around the house and putting down weed-guard fabric and mulch.  It was the most beautiful day we’ve had in a long time – about 80 degrees and sunny.  SO much better than the near-100 temps we’ve had recently, and it wasn’t raining for the first day in a week.  The weather only got better as the day stretched into evening – the DH and I spent most of the night in midtown at Dundee Days.  My friend Maria was celebrating her birthday and this was obviously the place to be – great music, cheap beer, sitting under the stars watching little kids try to dance.  The first band we’ve seen before:  Oxygen, a Dave Matthews-esque jam band that does an awesome cover of the Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic.”  The second band was a swing band, the Prairie Cats.  They were amazing, and Maria kept dragging guys up to dance with her – I guess she takes a swing class…  No chance of getting the DH to do that, I’m sure. J  The third band was…I’m not sure, actually, because by that point, the fact that there were 2 port-a-potties for well over a thousand people convinced me that we needed to retire for the evening.  J  I’m not a fan of public facilities, especially not ones without running water.  Ew. 

Sunday was spent curling my hair for the Diva Soma Corps photo shoot, then heading out with ML and pals to the local comedy club to see the Erotic Hypnotic himself, J. Medicine Hat.  Word to the wise, if you’re going to be hypnotized, don’t do it in front of co-workers.  Or your mother.  What are these people thinking?!?