Friday, August 03, 2007

What was I thinking?!? Overbooked as usual

Our weekends are seldom boring around here.  Exhausting, maybe, but never without excitement.  After a late night of Jazz on the Green, I got an early start today so that I can rush home and prepare for a belly dance performance tonight.  Some of the Divas are dancing a set between two bands at the PS Collective tonight.  One of the bands, Soul Plexus, I know and like.  The other, Space Age Polymers, I’ve never heard of, but am looking forward to seeing what they have to offer.  The DH has offered to meet me there after he gets off his late shift, but I’m hoping I can just meet him at home – we were both up late last night and have a busy day tomorrow.  In the morning, we’re headed to the farmers market, then to do some fun-and-exciting yard work.  The area under our deck has taken on a life of it’s own and I’d really rather not show it off during our planned late-August party.  If we have time after that, we might head out to the Taste of West Omaha festival (or put it off till Sunday…).  There will definitely be a nap in store for Saturday afternoon, after which we will head to the Woodcliff Corral near Fremont, NE for the SideCar 69 gig.  I’m bringing a pillow for the ride home – I will definitely need to sleep while I can, as ML and I signed up for a majorly hilly 10K early Sunday morning.  That wasn’t smart. J  Then, if I can still move, I’ll sew for a while, or finish yard work.  If I can’t move, I can read for a few hours.  This Sunday is Super Diva Sunday, our once-monthly all-troupe meeting and practice.  Since the grand opening of the studio is next weekend, I’m guessing it will be more meeting than practice – we’ll probably be cleaning and preparing the studio.  Yea.  Who doesn’t love cleaning?  (That would be…ME!)

I’m already tired and the weekend isn’t even here yet!  I don’t want to even think about next weekend  - the Art Crawl, our anniversary, another race, and a concert…