Monday, October 29, 2007

another sleepy Monday

It’s Monday and I’m exhausted again. These busy weekends are hard on me…but I love them! This particular weekend included two plays, a farm tour, a Halloween party or two, a trail race, and a visit with my dad.

On Friday night, the DH and I met up with ML and our friend Amanda to see the Shelterbelt’s annual ShelterSkelter production. This year, they performed “The Duchess of Malfi.” I can’t say this was my favorite of their SS shows, but it was decent. Very dark and disturbing.

Saturday morning, the DH insisted that we sleep in…yeah, right. I woke up right at 5 a.m. I suffer from that weekend/summer vacation thing that causes you to not be able to sleep in on days you don’t have to work. Hmmm…

ML and I trekked out to the Kvam family farm in West Point, NE for a farm tour. We saw dairy cows, sheep, chickens, turkeys, a friendly dog and many cats, watched a vinegar cheese demonstration and took a hay rack ride. I learned about raw milk and how to distract a hen while collecting her eggs. J

Saturday night, the DH and I donned our “White Trash” Halloween costumes and headed downtown for the Haunted Vault party at ML’s building and then on to my friend Maurine’s annual bash. Everyone got a kick out of our getups and we won the costume contest, narrowly defeating a couple of Elf characters. I think the DH’s mullet was the clincher.

Sunday was spend helping with race-day registration at the YMCA Master’s Classic 15k/5k race, and then running the 5k. Since it was a “masters” race and I’m not old yet, I didn’t qualify for any of the prizes… My dad was in town to run the 15k. I should probably amend that statement to say “My insane dad”, since this was his second race of the day and third of the weekend. He’s running 3 races next weekend, too. Just crazy, I tell ya…

ML and I met up again in the evening to see Seascape at the Blue Barn Theatre. This was the better play of the weekend – very entertaining, a story of a couple nearing their twilight years sitting on the beach discussing their life…they are joined by a couple of lizards that have climbed from the sea to see what the world was all about. Weird, but good. J