Friday, October 26, 2007

Not-so-toasty buns

Crunchy Chicken announced her latest challenge last week, the Freeze Yer Buns & Lower the Thermostat challenge.  Instead of a measly one week or one month challenge, this one goes ALL winter!  Nov 1 – Apr 1.  Eek!  That’s a long time…  I signed up, of course, pledging to stay at or below 65 degrees during the day and 58 at night.  Hmmm…maybe I should tell the DH about this…he’s probably not going to like this challenge, as it affects him as much as me.  I’m curious to see what happens to our OPPD bill.  I think we can do it – I just bought some new slippers for padding around the house in, and we have down comforters tucked away in the closet.  We’ll be fine… J  Yes, it’ll be a little chilly, but it is winter, after all – it’s supposed to be cold!