Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The D-est DH ever

I call my husband the DH, or Dear Husband, because it’s just plain easier than typing out his name, or saying “my husband”, as much as I talk about him, but also because it’s so true!  When we first met, I wasn’t crazy about him, to be honest.  Years later, when we finally started dating, I was pleasantly shocked to find out that he’s a real sweetheart and will do just about anything for people that he loves.  (Now, I shouldn’t have been too surprised – once in college, he bought a girlfriend her own star for Christmas.  I thought that was a pretty creative gift, as well as being quite a statement about how he felt about her.  At the time, though, the fact that I still thought he was kind of a jerk outweighed any other feelings, so this particular memory didn’t resurface when he asked me out.)

After dating for two years and being married for one, you’d think I’d not longer be surprised when he does really wonderful things, right?  Nope!  And therefore I was completely taken aback last night when he suggested the sweetest, most unselfish thing I’ve ever heard.  You see, my brother is running in the New York City marathon next month and invited me and my sister to go along.  We’ve had our plane tickets for months now.  However, last night my sister called in near tears – she couldn’t justify the expense of the trip and felt guilty going when she has a baby at home…  When I told the DH about this, he immediately offered to give her money from his own pocket to pay for her trip.  He volunteered to work an overtime shift to pay for it.  So not only is he giving up his own money, but also his own time – for an SIL he doesn’t always get along with.  I couldn’t believe it…and now looking back, I can’t believe that I was so surprised, because this is such a typical DH act.  If he believes in the cause, he’ll support whole-heartedly, even if that cause is just making me happy.