Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Film Streams - Take 5

I saw my fifth movie at Film Streams last night with ML, Two Days in Paris.  Since I’d seen the preview 4 times already, I was pretty sure I’d like it, and I did. J  The movie was about Jack and Marion, one American and the other French, who live in New York but had traveled to Venice for a vacation.  They stop in Paris to visit Marion’s family and this two-day visit is the backdrop of the movie.  While plenty of mishaps take place, they only serve to highlight the real theme of the movie – how well you know your lover (or how well you can ever know someone, really).  I loved this movie – the way the couple interacted reminded me so much of the DH and me…which may be unfortunate since the couple was arguing quite a bit of the time…  It was funny and heartbreaking at the same time – the way love should be, I suppose.  I give it 4 stars. J

Two films coming up that I can’t wait to see:  The Great World of Sound, and About a Son – based on interviews with Kurt Cobain.  Pass the popcorn, please…