Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wild and crazy weekend...as usual

One thing I love about my job (one of the few things) is that we get most government holidays off from work… Yesterday was one such holiday, so it was a lovely three day weekend for me. Did I relax? Never!

Quick weekend recap: Friday night was spent at Espana with the DH and some Divas, where we ate tapas, watched our friend La Tamara the Flamenco Dancer, and got ripped off royally by our waiter. (I’m still a bit bitter about this episode, can you tell?) Saturday was all about preparing for Yallahween. I met up with ML to hit the Farmer’s Market (the last for me for this year – it ends next weekend and I’ll be out of town). I bought a few too many squash, trying to stock up; I really felt those gourds the next day in my shoulders! Nothing like a ½ mile trek carrying bags and bags of heavy veggies…but I digress.

We spend some time perfecting our duet, and then went our separate ways to work on our solos…

Yallahween was a smashing success, if I do say so – our duet went over pretty well, although I don’t think everyone got the whole Westside Story thing we were doing. The first show had a smaller crowd, but it made for a nice dress rehearsal and warm-up for the much larger evening show. I was much happier with my solo the second time through, and the Angeli Tennebrarum and Salome group dances got lots of applause as well… It was great to see everyone’s creativity shining during this show – there were witches and ghosts and Valley Girls…oh, my!

I was up bright and early on Sunday to volunteer at the Race for the Cure downtown. I’ve never been to this event before, and had no idea how huge it was! Over 14,000 people walked, jogged, or ran in the 1 mile and 5k courses. My job was to remove the cloth straps that held the chip timers from the ankles of the extremely sweaty 5k runners. So gross! There were only about 500 people with chips, but still…that’s 500 sweaty ankles… Ew, ew, ew. Afterwards, I walked immediately to ML’s to use the sink and a large quantity of her soap.

The fabric store was having a massive sale on patterns, so ML and I met there and bough 11 patterns between the two of us, as well as some great fabric to play with. I talked my way into a better price on a bunch of crushed panne velour – such pretty colors! I helped ML with some pants and a skirt she was working on, and then started in on a skirt from Sew What! Skirts with some vintage corduroy, and began cutting out a pattern for a silky button-down shirt from one of the new patterns. I finished both these projects yesterday on my holiday day off and am wearing them to work today. J

The DH and I spend some time with his family Sunday evening, celebrating his brother’s birthday. I enjoy my in-laws, but our time together always seems to be about quality over quantity – they all eat and talk very fast and I feel like we’re leaving as soon as we arrive.

In between sewing time yesterday, the DH and I took our dog to the very-muddy dog park, played tennis, gave the dog a bath, and went to our separate meetings/classes/practices. I had both dance class and a Jr. League meeting last night – I was late for both of course… It sucks that they are on the same night and I’m realizing that I cannot do both and need to choose. Since dance class is every Monday, and JLO only once a month, I think I’m going to start skipping dance on that night so I can make it to the meeting on time… Sigh…it sucks to realize that you can’t do everything, but there is usually a fair compromise if you’re willing to look for it.