Friday, October 05, 2007

Lovin' the Co-op

As ML mentioned, we got our first order from the Nebraska Food Cooperative last night.  Having never participated in this type of organization before, I was a little apprehensive as I approved Jane’s Health Market to start my volunteer shift.  My fear was unfounded – it was great!  As the volunteer coordinator, Libby, showed me the ropes, I felt right at home amongst the coolers and order forms.  Demonstrating the process of gathering a customer’s order for pick-up, Libby just happened to choose the order form of another Diva to use as an example!  It turns out that Susie (aka Kaivalya), our fearless yoga guru, is on the Co-op Board and was involved with getting the Co-op started!  She stopped in later to pick-up her order.  It’s so cool when your little worlds collide like that.  

Seeing familiar faces at the Co-op was great; even more so was seeing new ones.  This girl Libby was fascinating – she’s one of the founders of the Co-op, plus she’s been heavily involved with the sustainable agriculture movement both in Nebraska and in other parts of the country.  She told me she has worked on family farms in Vermont (I think) and Washington state, and has traveled to Oklahoma and elsewhere to study other cooperatives in action.  

Observing the other folks at the Co-op made it very clear to me that I am indeed only “3/8s Hippy”, as I often tell the DH.  But I loved it and can see myself getting very involved in this effort.  And it’s all thanks to ML for the awesome b-day gift! ;)