Sunday, November 25, 2007

3rd Sunday in a row

This whole long weekend has felt like Sunday. I thought it was Sunday on Friday, which was nice - it's always a good feeling to realize you still have days until Monday. Unfortunately today is actually Sunday - better make the most of it. My plan today is to finish the dress I'm working on, sew up some gift bags, wrap the gifts, and then head to the baby shower the Divas are having at the Gnosis today... Tonight the DH has decided that we'll put up the Christmas tree...
This is a good time for that. It's officially the Christmas season in my mind. It starts after Thanksgiving. After. Not before - certainly not in late October, despite what many of my neighbors seem to think. Some of them have had their trees up for weeks. Up and lit! As well as their Christmas lights. I don't get it! Why are we starting earlier and earlier. The Salvation Army belly ringers have been out in full force for several weeks now, too. This boggles me. I'm not giving them money any earlier, and I don't see many other people doing it either. I figure the average person is going to donate the same amount of change every year, so what start earlier and drag it out even longer? I give my spare change when I have it, but I'm not dropping it in the bucket until mid-December, out of principle. I mean, sheesh, the guilty feeling you get when you pass the bucket is going to hit no matter how much you've already tossed in, so why are they torturing us before Thanksgiving??? Anyways...bah-humbug, right?
Speaking of Thanksgiving, it went pretty well, I think. We could have put the turkey in about an hour earlier, but what would a big family holiday be without a headache and someone crying? We're still noshing on leftovers, and the pie-to-person ratio was far too high, as predicted...
Thursday night, after the dishes were done (see Ryker helping?), the DH and I took my folks out to a movie, the ill-chosen "No Country for Old Men." I kind of liked it myself, but I feel it was a little too violent and frustrating for a fun family night out. I think more than the gruesome and gratuitous violence, most people disliked it for the lack of resolution in the end. Nothing happened! The bad guy kept going and the good guy retired. Maybe it was too realistic for most.
We saw another movie last night that I will highly endorse - two thumbs up for "What Would Jesus Buy?", a documentary following Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping on a cross-country crusade to stop the Shopacolypse. I read about it on No Impact Man's blog and the DH mentioned that it was playing in the next town over. Which was quite cool in itself - the premiere was in NYC, LA, and Nebraska. Ha!
It was a nice way to close out Buying Nothing Day (or Days - it's officially the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S. and Canada, but was Saturday in the rest of the world). I celebrated by staying home and making things. I fixed my bubble dress fiasco, refashioned a skirt out of a pair of jeans, and started on the dress I will finish this morning. I also embroidered 3 onesies and sewed up 2 pairs of baby harem pants for my shower gifts... Quite productive!
Time to finish my coffee and get moving...Sunday is no longer a day of rest!