Monday, December 31, 2007

Cue the laugh track

Last night I attempted to make my first pair of pants, some jeans using the pattern in Sew U! from BuiltByWendy.  It was going so well - I had put in the zipper - my first real fly - and was to the point where I needed to sew on the front pockets.  Hmmm...pockets.  Hadn't cut those out yet.  I selected a nice slanted patch pocket for my jeans, and grabbed a large scrap of fabric to cut them out of.  Or, what I though was a large scrap of fabric.  After I'd assembled my pockets, folding under the edges and securing the facing, I looked for the front half of my pants that I'd spent the last hour putting together...and then I realized what the "scrap" was - I'd cannibalized my pants for the pockets.  I'd cut the pockets out of the lower leg of my jeans!   Holy crap!  That was pretty damn stupid!  Before I could start crying, I folded the pants in half, hacked off both legs to match, used the decent cut-off leg as a template for a second, and sewed both new lower legs back onto my pants.  Oh, that seam right below the knee?  That's not a F*&^-up, that's a DETAIL! :)  Grrr...this is typical of my sewing follies.  I need my own sitcom.

Happy New Year, Y'all.