Sunday, June 08, 2008


The DH got home early this morning (2:30-ish) just as the sirens sounded in our neighborhood.  We did not see any damage from the tornado, but neighborhoods to our east were not so lucky.  What a night! 

The rest of the weekend has been significantly better, that's for sure.  On Friday night, the DH and I went downtown to check out the Taste of Omaha festival, otherwise known as "DH's BBQ Rib Heaven".  We walked around, munching and people watching.  A U2 tribute band provided the soundtrack.  After dark, the DH suggested we take a gondola ride in the lake - evoking memories of his marriage proposal almost 3 years ago.  As we neared the center of the lake, the festival fireworks began - talk about good timing!  We had the best seats in the house...or lawn, as the case may be.
We took the puppy down to the farmers market Saturday morning, finding strawberries, tomatoes, salsa, potatoes, and salad mix.  The puppy found the dog-cookie stand with no problems.  Instead of heading straight home, we drove through Dundee to check out the new clothing exchange store Scout Dry Goods and Trade.  It is adorable.  The DH waited patiently while I filled the dressing room with cute finds.  I ended up with a soft cotton dress and a dark green lightweight sweater - Lux brand and a steal at $11.  I can't imagine what the poor schmuck who originally purchased it at Urban Outfitters paid.  Reluctantly exiting that store, the DH lured me down the street to eCreamery where he bought me a jumbo banana split for lunch! :)  Mmmm...  We bought the puppy a scoop, too.
The DH left in the early afternoon, destination Kansas City and the Rush concert.  I just hung out at home, sewing up some cute t's and bags.  The first hint of storms started rolling in around 6:30, so I opted to skip our belly dance hafla - I've had enough hail for one week!  Little did we all know what was to come later in the night/early morning hours...  Eek!

Today should be good.  I'm about to meet up with some friends for a jog, then dance practice, then another group is meeting to see Sex and the City, followed by martinis and sushi!  Yea sushi!