Friday, August 01, 2008

Stop the Insanity!

I think it’s time for another Buy Nothing month.  I’ve been throwing money at Amazon and the local thrift stores like it’s going out of style and my wallet is starting to feel the pinch.  Not that I don’t absolutely LOVE and NEED every single thing I’ve purchased, of course, but its gotten just a tad beyond excessive.  I’ve only worn a new outfit to work every day for the past  few weeks.  A month to sober up my spending won’t hurt at all.   


To be fair, I’ve also offloaded a bunch of stuff – 4 boxes of clothes went to My Closet, 3 boxes of household goods and an old computer to the Good Will…  I’m sure I can find more stuff to give away, so that will be my goal this month – use it or lose it. 


So, starting today, no unplanned purchases for the month of August.  I’m giving myself the “planned” spending caveat because I need to register for a workshop next week, plus we are going to Mexico on the 11th, and there will probably be a little bit of shopping on that trip.  The general goal here is to resist the impulse to buy random things at will – that means not going to the Good Will, leaving My Closet empty-handed, not surfing over to Amazon (or at least not clicking “Buy Now!”)…  I can do it.  Really.  I have willpower!  (OK, I’m not convinced – are you?)


Happy August, everyone!