Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fall Planting and Planning

Once again, it’s been a relatively cool summer, and my tomatoes have not been what they should.  But since lettuce did so well earlier, and the summer is definitely winding down, I’m going to shoot for a fall crop of salad greens and see what I can come up with.  I need to get out there this afternoon and see how my edamame is doing – I planted some soybeans earlier, and after eating a bag of locally-grown from the Nebraska Food Coop, I’m craving more.


Tonight’s other adventure in Produce Land will be peeling, chopping, and freezing peaches.  The DH’s parents had us over for dinner and peach-picking Tuesday night.  I was lazy afterward and didn’t process them right away and I’m thinking tonight is my best chances before they get too ripe in our kitchen.  I’ve eaten a couple fresh – they are divine, and our kitchen smells fantastic!  His folks love peach jam, so the frozen ones will be saved for jam, cobblers and thawed peach goodness this winter.  Also need to freeze some haricot vert that are still lounging in our fridge – hopefully they are OK still.  


Last night, simmered up some corn-potato-bacon chowder to try to clean out my veggie drawer.  It was decent and will make a nice lunch (and dinner, and lunch…and dinner) but I’d like to find a recipe for a creamier base.  It was more soup than chowder, definitely.  Still pretty tasty.  Can’t go wrong with corn.  Fried up the chopped veggies that wouldn’t fit in the pot and tossed then in an cheesy egg scramble this morning.  Too much salt, but it was a good start to the day with a thawed chocolate-chip zucchini muffin (or two…).


Busy weekend ahead.  Need to wrap up the editing on the Jr. League yearbook, clean up the house, then the DH wants to go to Blue for happy hour before heading to the cinema for Inglorious Basterds.  Not my first choice in films, but I won’t say no to Brad Pitt…  Saturday is the first day of fall library school classes.  I’m enrolled in 2 3-hour Saturday courses and a 1-hour self-paced course.  Bracing myself for hours and hours and hours of reading this semester!  Eek!  After class, Raqs Awn is having their first official us-only show at the PS.  Come out and join us – it’s a collection drive for the Nebraska Humane Society so bring a few cans of dog food and get a discount on admission… J